Company Costs

Company dance team tuition is based on the number of classes your dancer is enrolled in. We understand that being on a company team is expensive and do our very best to be competitive in our pricing. We are continually researching other studio pricing, as well as negotiating with vendors to pass on the best prices possible.

Tuition as well as your additional fees that are due for the month will always be deducted on the 5th on each month, unless that day falls on a weekend. If that does happen it will be deducted the following Monday.

* All fees are based on our best estimate and are subject to change slightly due to ever increasing merchant costs.

Available Payment Options:

1-Tuition monthly plus fees when due-EFT

2-Tuition monthly plus fees divided equally over dance year-EFT

3-All additional fees outside of tuition paid in one lump sum and tuition paid monthly-Cash,Check or Charge

4-All fees and Tuition paid in full-Cash, Check, or Charge