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Company Dance Team Classes

Power Plus Productions company dance teams are the heart and soul of our dance studio and we take it very serious and hold them in high regard. Company Team dancing is where your dancer learns to be part of a team. They learn all about what it means to be depended on and what it means to depend on others. This program requires an extremely high level of dedication and commitment. The dancers are required to wear a uniform, attend any and all practices sometimes multiple days per week, and maintain an extremely high level of discipline, respect and professionalism; with very little room for leeway. These dancers typically go on to make dance a big part of their lives in high school, college, or even professionally. We ask that no one tries out for company team dancing unless they are ready to give it their all. Nowhere will your dancer develop into a better dancer, learn sportsman ship, become a team mate and build their confidence than right here. It requires hard work and dedication but it all pays off and is extremely worth it.

Team placement is done by workshop and tryouts only. Typically after invitation or 2-3 years of dance experience or training. Many dance studios call all of their dancers “competitive”. Power Plus Dance Studio only allows those students with the highest level of dedication, commitment, experience, drive, and desire to be on company teams. All dancers with a desire to be on company teams, will. The audition is to place the dancer in the group that is best suited to their technique level, age group, maturity and ability.

Being on a company dance team is a lot of hard work, time and money. By trying out for a company dance team you are committing to the entire 10 month dance season. If you are unable to put this team before other extra-curricular activities and dedicate yourself and your time, please do not try out.

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