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Dance Classes

Whether you are a new or returning student to our dance studio we look forward to being a part of your child’s continued growth and development in the wonderful art and sport of dance.

Power Plus Productions focuses on core dance principles, including technique and artistry, while our main goal is to have fun and promote self-esteem. Classes range from classical ballet to street style hip hop. We have competition teams for the more experienced dancer and even offer adult classes and ballroom.

Read the descriptions below and then click the links for class schedule dates and times. Choose the right dance class for your child or try one yourself.

Summer and Fall enrollment period going on now! Current students go to the online parent portal, new students can click on the online registration tab, or stop by the studio! Space is limited and fills up fast. Don’t miss out on another amazing season at Power Plus Dance!

Spring 2019 Classes

Summer 2019 Classes

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Company Dance Teams

Classes Available:

Ballet / Jazz Combo:

Our most popular dance class. This class teaches the foundation on which all dance genres evolve from. It focuses on core principals and techniques as well as terminology, musicality, rhythm, timing, flexibility, coordination, concentration, choreography, fitness, and fun. Available for ages 3 and up and all skill levels.

Hip Hop:

One of the newest and fastest growing genres of dance. It covers a wide range of styles notably breaking, locking, and popping. With this style a greater appreciation of musicality, beats and rhythm are acquired. This style of dancing is often seen in popular culture on popular television shows and movies such as Americas Best Dance Crew, Step It Up Series, So You Think You Can Dance, and many pop artists music videos.  Available for ages 5 and up with no previous dance experience necessary. Competition teams are available for those dancers serious about their dancing.


This predominant American past time has evolved from merely standing on the sidelines and cheering for your favorite team to a highly competitive and energetic form of art, dance, and performance. Students will learn cheers, sideline chants, angles, stunting, jumps, dance and will incorporate those elements into choreography and music. Available to students ages 4 and up with no previous cheer or dance experience required. Add a tumbling class to take your cheer to the next level. Competition teams are available for those students serious about cheering.


Many students take this class in addition to their dance and cheer classes. It is an acrobatic sport that combines certain gymnastic skills and trampolining. It also teaches flexibility, balance, strength, and body control. Add this class to any cheer or dance class to catapult your student to the next level. Available to students ages 4 and up with no previous experience necessary.

 Break dancing:

Also known as B-boying/girling or breaking, it is a popular style of street dance that originated as a form of hip hop culture. Growing in popularity, it is typically danced to hip hop and break beats. It consists of extremely diverse variations of dance variations such as toprock, downrock, power moves, freezes, and stalls. Many hip hop dancers add breaking to their dancing to be a more versatile dancer. Available to dancers age 5 and older with no previous experience necessary.


A very advanced form of classical ballet technique. It is usually practiced using specially reinforced shoes called pointe shoes or toe shoes. It was developed from ballet dancers desiring to appear weightless and sylph-like and has evolved to enable dancers to dance on the tips of their toes for extended periods of time. Available by invitation only and after being accepted by evaluation from pointe instructors after taking pointe prep. Not for beginners. Serious foot deformities can result from starting pointe too early. Students typically start after age 11.

Pointe Prep:

For students who wish to progress their ballet to the highest level. This class is the gradual process that is required in order for a student to eventually go on pointe. Consists of strengthening exercises at the barre, routines, center exercises, technique, and discipline. Students typically require 2-3 years of pointe prep before going on to pointe. Attendance usually starts around age 9 with previous ballet experience.

Company Dance Teams:

Power Plus Productions company dance teams are the heart and soul of our dance studio. We take them very serious and hold them in high regard.  Company dancing is where your dancer learns to be part of a team.  They learn all about what it means to be depended on and what it means to depend on others.  This program requires an extremely high level of dedication and commitment.  The dancers are required to wear a uniform, attend any and all practices; sometimes multiple days per week and maintain an extremely high level of discipline, respect and professionalism. There is very little room for leeway. These dancers typically go on to make dance a big part of their lives in high school, college, or even professionally.  We ask that no one tries out for company dance unless they are ready to give it their all.  Nowhere will your dancer develop into a better dancer, learn sportsmanship, become a teammate, and build their confidence than right here.  It requires hard work and dedication, but it all pays off and is extremely worth it.

Team placement is done by tryout only. Typically only after invitation and 2-3 years of dance experience or training. Many dance studios call all of their dancers “competitive”. Power Plus Dance Studio only competes those students with the highest level of dedication, commitment, experience, drive, and desire.

Company Dance Team Introduction:

These classes are intended for those students who are interested in experiencing what company teams are all about but not quite ready to commit to the program or need a little bit more dance experience. Classes are priced and structured like the regular dance classes but the students will enter and compete one dance at a local competition.


These classes are available for any dancer over the age of 18 who never grew out of dance. Many of these students were serious about dance in high school, college, or even affiliated with professional institutions of higher learning or performing. If you long for the feeling of performing in front of an audience or being part of a team of individuals who share a common bond, this class is for you. Many of our instructors and staff were discovered while participating in this class. The class covers all genres of dance and typically perform at all Power Plus Performances.

Summer and Fall session enrollment period is now open! Registration can be completed online or in person at the studio to reserve your spot. Don’t miss out on the fun going on at Power Plus! Space is limited and fills up fast, don’t delay.Join Us
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